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In order to complete the Application Form, you will need the Photo and Birth Certificate of the student. If available, please provide any pertinent Educational Psychologist assessments, Individualized Learning Plans or other relevant documents.
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Thank you for your interest in enroling your child at Green School New Zealand. Please complete the application below so we may begin to process your request. If you have any further questions about the school please feel free to email our Admissions team at

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Please upload a photo of your student applicant here. Please ensure photo is color, shows just the student’s face, and without other persons.

Student Information

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At GSNZ we strive for equality, inclusion and acceptance within our diverse community and world. We also try to keep the classes and school as gender balanced as possible and require the following information

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The New Zealand Academic Year runs from late January/early February to December.

We are currently accepting applications for the following Academic Year Levels listed here:
2020 Year Levels: 1-10
2021 Year Levels: Year Levels 1-11
2022 Year Levels: Early Years – 12

Green School NZ’s School year begins each year in early Feb consisting of 4 terms which equal 2 semesters:
Semester 1: Beginning of school year enrolment which runs from early Feb until early July.
Semester 2: Mid-year enrolment which runs from Late July – mid Dec.

I/we understand that for Green School New Zealand to be able to offer a place to an international student we must be satisfied that the student meets immigration, eligibility for health services, accident insurance, and medical and health insurance requirements.

I/we understand that Green School New Zealand will observe and be bound to the Code of Practice for Pastoral Care of International Students. It is a condition for all New Zealand schools that they are signatories to the code before they can offer places. Further information about the code can be found here.